Beacon Park

Rainbow Rising Beacon Park

Thank you for your interest in our program. Beacon Park is currently at capacity. A Waiting List will be compiled for each of the following groups: Transitional Kindergarten & Kindergarten, Young Riser (1st – 3rd Grade), and High Riser(4th – 6th Grade). Each will be considered separate Waiting Lists.This wait list only applies to currently enrolled Beacon Park students.

All waitlist enrollment for TK and Kindergarten must be done via our Waiting List Form.
Due to the high volume of calls we receive, contact via email is preferred and will result in a quicker response. Should you have any additional question or comments, please contact us at

Rainbow Rising Beacon Park recognizes the growing physical, intellectual, and social competence of the school-age child. Our focus is to achieve social and academic growth while expanding their knowledge of the world. Rainbow Rising teachers work collaboratively with the school site to develop a fun curriculum that reinforces our mission statement.

We group our children by age and encourage their growing ability to make choices, work with others, and assume responsibility. We offer child initiated play both indoors and outside. Our activities consist of art, science, music, math, and more.

Our program offers enriching learning opportunities in a fun environment for school-age children. This includes before and after-school care, care for school holidays and closings, and exciting summer day camp programs.

Meet The Director

My name is Jared Baar and I would like to introduce myself as your Director. I started at Rainbow Rising in 2006 at Westpark Elementary. Throughout my tenure, I have worked at every level of the program. I started as a Teacher’s Aide, where my main responsibility consisted of running the outside games with children in the afternoon. As a Teacher, I facilitated the homework club for our High Riser program and planned their daily curriculum. My philosophy is that children should enjoy their time at Rainbow, but their safety is always our first priority. Our program provides a variety of options and offers enriching, relaxing, fun-oriented activities. I encourage each child to use his/her potential while encouraging growth in a multitude of ways. It is our purpose to help children develop to the best of their ability and to provide an atmosphere in which they can learn to be a supportive member of a team.

Jared Baar

 Meet The Assistant Director

I am so excited to begin this school year with RRBP! I have been working for Rainbow since July 2016 and this will be my second center. I am pursuing a degree in Liberal Studies and Child Development. I enjoy traveling and reading in my free time. I am looking forward to getting to know all the wonderful Beacon Park families.

Madi McPheeters


Contact Us

200 Cultivate
Irvine, California 92618
Hours of Operation: 7am-6pm
Phone: (949)398-8352

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