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Star History

Rising Stars

Heather Huynh - December 2017

We are proud to announce Heather Huynh as November’s Rising Star! Heather began her marvelous journey with Rainbow in the summer of 2016. She is an excellent example of what it means to be a team player. Heather is always looking out for the good of her team and the children in her program. Her positive attitude and fun loving spirit affects all those around her. Congratulations Heather, we thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to the Meadow Park program. We are so excited to see all your future accomplishments!

Ben Jansen - October 2017

It is with great pleasure to announce our newest Rainbow Rising Star! Ben Jansen is an outstanding leader. He has been working with Alderwood Rainbow Rising since September 2016. Ben started as a Teacher Aid and worked his way up to a Master Teacher. He is in charge of the Young Riser Program in addition to the administrative duties he is tasked to do.

He currently attends Santiago Canyon College with a goal to become an Elementary School teacher. Ben has also received the Eagle Scout award and always strives to learn the most that he can with everything he does. He always strives for growth in all the children he works with and always challenges them to be the best that they can be. Ben has such a positive and friendly impact on his co-workers and families at our program. 

Cayleigh Griffin - September 2017

Cayleigh exemplifies all the wonderful qualities families look for in a teacher at Rainbow Rising. Cayleigh started her journey at Rainbow Rising at only 17 years of age!


She started as a Teacher’s Aide at Rainbow Rising Bonita Canyon and currently manages the High Riser program at Rainbow Rising Culverdale. She goes above and beyond her duties on a daily basis and always searches for ways to improve her program and create engaging and enriching activities for her students. We can’t wait to see where Cayleigh’s Rainbow journey will take her in the future!

Joseph Smith - August 2017

We are happy to announce this month’s Rising Star is Joseph Smith from our College Park location. Joseph has been such a positive role model for our children and approaches every day with a positive attitude and is dedicated to teaching the children something new.


His upbeat personality and the respect that he shows to our families and staff is truly amazing, and his commitment to our College Park kids is inspiring. We can’t imagine Rainbow Rising without him!

Angela Lisk - July 2017

We are thrilled to announce Angela Lisk as July’s Rising Star. Angela recently joined the Rainbow team as an Assistant Director at Rainbow Rising Culverdale.


Angela approaches every day with a positive attitude and calm demeanor. She has the amazing ability to connect with children, parents and staff on a personal basis. We are truly blessed to have Angela on our Rainbow Rising team. We can’t wait to see her continued success at Culverdale!

Kyle Kidder - June 2017

It is with great pride that we get to announce Kyle Kidder as June’s Rising Star. Kyle began his journey with Rainbow as a kindergartener, attending as a student, at College Park Elementary school. Kyle enjoyed his experience with Rainbow so much that in 2009 he decided to join the Rainbow Rising team as a teacher.


Over the course of his 8 years as a teacher Kyle has helped spread his creative vision and skills to hundreds of Rainbow students. His positive attitude and dedication to the families in our program are bound to carry over to his new role as a Master Teacher at Eastwood Rainbow Rising. Best of luck Kyle; we know you will do amazing things!

Samantha Tovar - May 2017

We would like to congratulate our amazing College Park Assistant Director, Samantha Tovar as Rainbow Rising’s June Rising Star. Samantha has been a dedicated and wonderful employee for Rainbow Rising for the past 6 years. Miss Samantha has gained much experience working at many of our Rainbow Rising sites and we are so grateful that she has found her home here at College Park.

Samantha’s positive attitude and loving nature towards our children and families is inspiring. She always starts the day with a smile is always there to lend a helping hand. We are so happy to have her as part of our College Park family.

Mia Adame - April 2017

We are excited to announce Mia Adame as Rainbow’s Rising Star for April. Mia has been with us since August of 2015 and she is our “anchor” as a Master Teacher at Northwood. She applies what she has learned at school and brings new ideas to our center each day. Mia exemplifies what it means to be a leader, team-player and role model for all of us around her. She is responsible, caring, honest and fun-loving. Mia truly leads by example and supports the core value of Rainbow Rising.

She coordinated our Talent Show this year, and used her cheer background to choreograph several dances for different age groups. Her interactions with the children and families really show her dedication to providing a fun and safe environment. Mia is truly a blessing to work with and we are thrilled that she was chosen as Rainbow’s Rising Star. Thank you for all that you do!

Phillip Graves - March 2017

Phillip Graves is our newest addition to Rainbow’s Rising Star page. He has been with the company for almost two years and was an integral member of the leadership team during the opening of Beacon Park. Phillip leads by example in all facets of his work. His calming demeanor, no matter the situation, is an attribute children, parents, and staff all appreciate. He has an ability to communicate with parents and children in a professional and friendly manner. For Phillip, there is no task to big or small as he is the epitome of a team player. Rainbow Rising is truly lucky to have a teacher like Phillip and he has a bright future ahead.

Brittany Osborne - February 2017

It is with great excitement that we announce Brittany Osborne as Rainbow’s Rising Star for the month of February. Brittany has been a leader at Beacon Park since the first day of school. She is our lead Kindergarten teacher and performs various administrative tasks. Since opening Beacon Park, she has been responsible for starting our class pet elections, a holiday canned food drive, and a school wide bake sale. In addition to this, she implemented a “relaxation” period for the Kinders where they all do yoga.

She is a graduate of CSUF with a degree in Child and Adolescent Development and recently received her Site Supervisor Permit. Brittany truly exemplifies what a Rainbow Rising Star is. We are all very excited for Brittany’s future with us at Rainbow Rising.

Trevor Cullen - January 2017

It is with great excitement to announce Trevor Cullen as our January’s Rising Star!

Trevor has been a dedicated and amazing team member of Rainbow Rising for over 13 years. His kindness and enthusiasm has had such a positive impact on the lives of those he has worked with. Trevor started his journey at Rainbow Rising as a teacher and then moved into an Assistant Director role at our Meadowpark, and now currently our College Park site. He has created such a wonderful and warm environment for the staff, families and children in our programs. His leadership within our organization is admired by all and his laughter and fun loving personality is contagious. You can always count on Trevor to brighten your day!

Amy Nordquist - December 2016

We are thrilled to announce Amy Nordquist as our most recent addition to Rainbow’s Rising Stars. With an unparalleled desire to promote quality within a center, Amy has been resolute in her mission to improve the children’s environment. During the summer, she has transitioned from Bonita Canyon to Meadow Park. Amy promotes a healthy life style for the children at her center by providing nutritionally balanced meals and a plethora of outside activities for the children. She is well respected in the Irvine community for her personal and center’s contributions with organizations like Families Forward, the Orange County Animal Shelter, and Orange County’s ALS Chapter. We are looking forward to her continued success with us at Rainbow Rising.

Jesus Cazares - November 2016

We are so proud to announce Jesus Cazares as November’s Rainbow Rising Star! Jesus has been able to see generations of families and children grow into young adults over his 17 years of working at Rainbow Rising Greentree. He has been an important part of our team, not only at Rainbow Rising Greentree, but throughout all of the Rainbow Rising centers, by maintaining quality, safe environments for the children to learn and play in. Jesus is passionate, hard working, and without a doubt, dedicated to Rainbow Rising. He excels at running outside games and activities, encouraging the children to play and work together as a team, and continuing to build strong relationships with our families. Thank you for all that you do! Congratulations Jesus!

Jasmine Gill - October 2016

It is with great pleasure we announce Jasmine Gill as “Rainbow’s Rising STAR”. Jasmine is our “rock” at Westpark Rainbow Rising. She is dependable, flexible and knowledgeable in an ever changing environment. Jasmine is such a strong component of our team and a true inspiration to her co-workers. Jasmine really leads by example and upholds the core values at Rainbow Rising. She is responsible, caring, honest and shows respect to each child, parent and her co-workers. Not only is she an incredible employee, but she is an active Rainbow member. She is the definition of a healthy body, mind, and spirit. Thank you for sharing and upholding the Rainbow mission on a daily basis and continuing to help Rainbow Rising Westpark become a wonderful place to work, play and seek knowledge. Jasmine, thank you for all that you do!

Ashley Pietranowicz - September 2016

Rainbow Rising is proud to announce Ashley Pietranowicz as September’s Rising Star! Ashley has been working with Rainbow since August 2014 and is currently the Assistant Director at Meadow Park. Ashley embodies what it means to be a leader, team-player, and a positive role model for fellow staff and students.


She is dedicated, hard-working and always has a positive attitude. One of Ashley’s biggest strengths is her ability to connect with those around her and encourage them to be their best. Rainbow Rising is excited to see her future accomplishments and continued success. Congratulations Ashley!

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