Rising Star

Welcome to our Rising Star Page! Every month, Rainbow Rising recognizes an employee across all centers for embodying Rainbow Rising's mission to provide the best quality care to all children. These teachers have demonstrated what being a positive role model means in the lives of children through care and positive interactions. They all have a commitment to quality in carrying out their daily responsibilities and take initiative to go above and beyond what is asked of them. If you see your center's teacher on this page, please take a minute to congratulate them!


Juana Abunimeh - February 2022

We are excited to announce Ms. Juana as our Rising Star of the month. Ms. Juana started working for Rainbow Rising Fall of 2018 and has come so far. She began working as a teacher at Northwood Rainbow Rising and is now working as their Assistant Director. She has worked at multiple schools and has been such a key role to the company with being flexible and providing a positive and trusting environment wherever she goes. We can always count on Ms. Juana to be understanding and supportive to each child she encounters. Ms. Juana has created meaningful relationships with the families at her site. With many changes throughout the past few years it was reassuring to the families to have an Assistant Director like herself, to give them trust and comfort knowing that their child’s safety was a priority along with creating a fun enjoyable environment. Northwood Rainbow Rising is very grateful to have Ms. Juana.


Linda Ramirez - October 2021

For the month of October, Rainbow Rising is excited to announce Linda Rameriz as our Rising Star! Ms. Linda has been with Rainbow Rising since 2017. She began at our Cypress Village location as a teacher and in 2020, she accepted the role of Assistant Director in training at Eastwood. Over the summer of 2021, she transitioned to Beacon Park's Assistant Director and has been an amazing contributor to their program.

Linda goes above and beyond in every aspect. She's patient, kind and nurturing with the students, parents and staff members. She embodies what a child care professional should strive to be. Beacon Park is truly fortunate to have such a dedicated member of their team. Congratulations Ms. Linda!


Jackelyn Herrera - May 2021

We are thrilled to announce Ms. Jackie as Rainbow's Rising Star for the month of  May. Jackie started her journey with Rainbow Rising in 2018, working at multiple sites in numerous roles. She is currently the Assistant Director at our Cadence Park location. 


Jackie is extremely devoted to all of the families at Rainbow Rising. She works hard to make sure that she connects with each and every child and wants to make a positive impact on their lives. She commits so much time and effort to our programs and puts her whole heart into everything that she does. We are so grateful for all of her contributions and accomplishments. 

Hannah Knott - March 2022

We are so excited to announce Ms. Hannah as Rainbow's Rising Star! Hannah began her journey with Rainbow Rising as a teacher's aide in January 2019 and is currently the Master Teacher at our Eastwood location. Hannah makes every effort to ensure that the children are having fun and enjoying every moment while they are at Rainbow. She excels at planning curriculum and activities that are engaging and fun & sees every moment as a teachable moment. 

Hannah shows such great excitement whenever she has the opportunity to support & experience other Rainbow Rising centers and loves meeting the children and families wherever she goes. We are so grateful to have such a dedicated & passionate teacher like Hannah on our Rainbow Rising team.

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Jayme Formby - January 2022

Miss Jayme has been working for Rainbow Rising since 2017 and has been with the company for a little over 4 years and has been such a great asset. She started off her journey as a Teacher and quickly moved up into becoming a Master Teacher throughout time and has become such an amazing leader. She has such a giving heart when it comes to supporting her team and others.  She is always dedicated to meeting the children’s needs and making them feel heard at all times. We are so lucky to have Miss Jayme as she has taught us to never lose our childlike hearts and enjoy the journey along the way no matter what life throws at you.


Jessica Quinones - September 2021

It is with great pride that we announce Ms. Jessica as Rainbow's Rising Star for the month of  September. Jessica's journey with Rainbow Rising started in 2016, working at multiple sites in numerous roles. She is currently the lead Master Teacher at our Cadence Park location. 


Jessica has always been committed to creating a nurturing environment where all children feel loved and truly cared about. She goes above and beyond to create deep and meaningful relationships with all of the families in the program. We would like to take the time to recognize her for all of her hard work, dedication, and accomplishments. It is because of people like Ms. Jessica that make Rainbow Rising such a special place.